Fahn! Fahn! Fahn, auf der Autobahn.

autobahn-823klThere is no link to be supposed between the two pictures above.

Lisbon is an old town. Time put layer on layers, and the town maintained to keep its nose up, climbing on top time and again. It is silly that proud historians of this city don´t get tired to insist that the city´s history dates as far back as to Ulysses who – as they like to have it – founded this city. It seems more convincing to look at the layers in this picture.

The second picture shows a rather new highway in an old contry. People are just not yet prepared to go from one town to another using anonymous asphalt links which commuters in other countries have become used to for so long now. – There are enough roads now in that old country. And there are enough cars now. But people who are to drive those cars are still in a more remote area of history.

So the link is the link?

The road is the road?