Millstar Pub

A place I have never entered, but it is fixed in my „head“: An elevated – not too high rise-loft kind of space in a spaceship-like space, that is real but should not be real, according to my memory. It is supposed to be a pub, which means a drinking place. I can´t believe it. It doesn´t look like one. And I never entered it to verify. Although I passed it, maybe three or five times. Why not entering? – Hmh.

The attributes it claims are all but convincing: „I am a mill.“ – „I am the star of all mills.“ – „I am a pub.“ Just compare the width of its front-door stairs to its roof!

The neighbours were very kind when they diverted the water from dripping down on the roofless watering hole.

But where does the upper door lead to? And isn´t that hid-away door in the shade of THAT stairs the MAIN one?

Oh. We all need a beer!